2014 EOHCB Annual Hair Competition

SAAHST participated in the 2014 EOHCB Annual Hair Competition recently. The students that participated fall into the category of Junior Hair Stylist. This means that they compete with not only students from other providers, but also with stylists in the salon that have not yet completed their trade test. Notwithstanding the amount of experience and talent the students competed against, they performed extremely well and we are very proud of the results they obtained. There were numerous students that ended within the top ten in the category they entered.Some of the top results included:Ladies Consumer Fashion Day Style – “Blow Dry” 58 entrants:Katharine Jansen van Vuuren – 2nd place
Lize Neethling – 8th place
Eugenie-May Botha – 9th place

Fashionable Cut, Colour & Style – Entrants 18:

Dina Janse van Rensburg – 6th place
Mari Louis Harmse – 7th place
Mart-Mari Buys – 7th place
Tiffany Spencer – 7th place
Chante Goosen – 8th place
Mercia Hoffman – 9th place

Afro Fashionable Cut & Style 9 Entrants:

Felicia Bezuidenhout – 8th place

Open Bridal – Caucasian & Afro 45 Entrants:

Zandri Venter – 9th place
Janine de Beer – 10th place
Wahl Clipper Gents Silver Blades Award 11
Veronica Venter – 8th place

Congratulations to all our talented winners and to all our students that took part.