Graduating from Potchefstroom Academy is a big step in your life’s journey. Once you have obtained your qualification, you form part of the alumni community of the Academy. We strive to keep you connected to your alma mater long after the euphoria of obtaining your qualification/s has died down, creating a stronger bond not only between Potchefstroom Academy and its alumni, but also among alumni.​

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“To this day I am grateful that I studied at Potchefstroom Academy as I see how their level of education far surpasses most institutes in the industry on a daily basis. Potchefstroom Academy not only gave me the theoretical and practical knowledge to be successful in the beauty industry but also taught me the value of lateral thinking and superior customer service.”

Diana van SittertSomatology

“The education I received at Potchefstroom Academy was not only current, giving me a competitive advantage in the field of therapeutic massage therapy. It was also delivered by lecturers who are passionate and well versed in their fields.They really care about what they do and take incredible pride and work into giving the students the best experience.”

Precious NgomaneTherapeutic Massage

“I studied at Potchefstroom Academy and finished a 3 year Higher Diploma in Interior Design and Decorating. The time I spent at the Academy was amazing and the personnel at the Potchefstroom Academy were excellent and provided me with knowledge and expertise for my future.  I now work as Interior Design Consultant at St Leger & Viney.”

Theo Rolihlahla MkololoInterior Design & Decorating