The secret of aromatherapy lies in the skill of the therapist to master both the art and science of creating a synergistic blend of essential oils.  It involves treatment of the face and body with essential oils.

Aromatherapy science is based on the chemical constituents of essential oils and the effects on all the senses of the patient. Essential oils are volatile oils extracted from plant material such as leaves, flowers, seeds, tree bark, etc. Each essential oil consists of its own unique combinations of chemical constituents. These chemical constituents, that contribute to the therapeutic properties of essential oils for e.g. Chamazulene found in German chamomile is responsible for the oil’s anti-inflammatory property. This anti-inflammatory property is used to counteract the inflammatory response in tissue.

To create a synergistic blend, the therapist needs to keep in mind the smell, the chemical constituents and its therapeutic properties necessary to treat the psychological condition and the related symptoms of the patient.

An Aromatherapist loves the challenge in creating a unique blend for each individual patient. A therapist must be friendly, hardworking and empathetic.

Upon completion of the qualification, students must register with the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa, and will be issued with a practice number.


Diploma in Therapeutic Aromatherapy (NQF level5) 2 years full time


Own Business or Practice, Hospitals, Medical Clinics, Stress Clinics, Semi-medical services at Sport Clubs and Retirement Villages.


Therapeutic Aromatherapy, Anatomy, Pathophysiology and Pharmacology, SBAB Programme in Entrepreneurship Skills, Occupational Health and Safety, Nutrition and more.