Photography Short Course

Gain basic knowledge of photography including technical theory, visual literacy, basic post-production and introductory studio photography.

Students will be acquainted with the basic settings of the DSLR camera and how these settings affect the visual result in photographs as well as the principles of light, both natural and artificial. The compositional elements of shape, texture, pattern, form and line will be taught along with principles of perspective, balance, symmetry and formal analysis.

Studio lighting equipment and flash theory will be explained and practically demonstrated. Finally, students will be introduced to Photoshop and Lightroom workflow and basic post production techniques.

Lecturers will guide students through the course step by step, conveying knowledge and industry experience, ensuring integration of technical and visual knowledge so that students can produce excellent results. Students will be required to complete projects during the course and will receive feedback during critique sessions.

On successful completion of this workshop, students should be able to:

  • Understand the basics of technical photographic processes.
  • Apply elements of visual design.
  • Develop a personal photographic style.
  • Understand digital imaging, processing and workflow.
  • Use studio lighting equipment to take basic portraits.